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Petroleum Natural Gas Pipelines
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Pipeline Construction Works
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20 Years of Trust in Infrastructure
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In Oil and Natural Gas Line Applications
Mechanical, Welding and Displacement Works
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Petroleum Natural Gas Pipelines Solutions

BORENTEK İNŞAAT; It provides services with its sectoral experience with the services it has provided and the projects it has participated in for more than 25 years.

BORENTEK İNŞAAT TESİSAT San. Tic. Ltd. Ltd.; since its establishment, the energy sector, natural gas and oil, pipelines ST High Pressure, main transmission lines ST High Pressure Branch Lines, PE Distribution and Consumer (Service) Lines, RS, RMS (Different Capacity and Types), Pig Stations, Line and It has successfully completed projects such as Branch Valves, Pressure Compressor Stations and Industrial Mechanical Construction Works. With dozens of corporate references, applications, solution partners and projects, BORENTEK CONSTRUCTION is becoming the pioneer and leading company of the sector. Time and quality are very important to us. Therefore, it is indispensable for us to deliver our current projects to our valued customers at the time and quality we undertake.

Your Solution Partner
In the Field of Pipelines

With more than 20 years of experience in the sector, Borentek continues its activities in the construction of intercity high pressure oil-natural gas pipelines, urban gas distribution, steel and polyethylene pipelines.


Field and construction works for oil and gas pipeline projects

Mechanical arrangement and pipeline welding based on technical knowledge and experience

Trenchless directional horizontal drilling applications for oil and gas pipeline projects

Tie-in connection works for oil and gas pipeline projects

Mechanical arrangement and pipeline welding works based on technical knowledge and experience

Construction and project design services of aboveground facilities for oil, natural gas and transmission pipelines

Pipeline displacement works with our advanced machinery and technical ability

Hot-tap welding works for oil and natural gas pipelines with our expert technical staff

Petrol doğalgaz ve iletim boru hatları için yer üstü tesisleri inşaatı ve projelendirme hizmetleri